Why is International Accreditation?

  1. Sebagai salah satu media strategis karena langsung  menunjukkan kualitas outcome PS/Institusi di forum  internasional;
  2. Menjadi salah satu parameter penilaian dalam pemeringkatan  Perguruan Tinggi serta kontrak kinerja antara Pimpinan PTN  (Satker, BLU, BH) dengan Menteri;
  3. Sebagai acuan bagi pihak mitra (luar negeri) di dalam menjalin  kerjasama PS/Institusi (Riset, Pendidikan, Student Mobility,  dsb-nya)

What is an international accreditation?

The status of international accreditation demonstrates a school's commitment to high quality international education to the wider education community as well as to prospective families, educational leaders, teachers, universities, embassies, other government departments, and global companies and organizations.

Below are some International Accreditations Board:

FIBAA is a nationally as well as internationally experienced agency for quality assurance. Customer-oriented, efficient, fast and flexible work are some of its trademarks. It accredits according to the standards of the German Accreditation Council.

ASIIN confirms that a study programme meets a high quality standard. The quality of a study program is determined by the formulation of relevant objectives by the applying university itself. ASIIN also offers procedures for the accreditation of quality management systems. The Maturity Model is a national and international procedure that is of interest to all education providers offering programs at levels 6 and 7 of the European Qualification Framework.

ABET accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards of the profession for which that program prepares graduates. We accredit programs, not institutions.